Monday, January 3, 2011

I don't wanna be Joker!

Like most boys his age, my four-year-old is obsessed with Batman. Of course, this is my fault, because I introduced him to the super-hero to begin with. True, the Imaginext Batman guys are cool, but it doesn't mean I want to play with them.

Damn you, Santa, for bringing the Batcave and every villain you could find into our home.

I spend my days trying to write, trying to edit...and trying to muster enthusiasm for yet another Bat fact, as I write, Batman is trying to rescue Robin, who is trapped in the cardboard tube of a roll of toilet paper. (And there are long pieces of tissue strewn all over the living room...) Is it any wonder I don't get anything accomplished?

Even more frustrating than watching my days disappear in a haze of chatter and crime fighting is knowing how brief this time will be; it seems interminable, but really lasts only a moment in my little guy's life. Focus, Mommy. As much as I don't feel like being Joker (or Penguin or Two-Face or Riddler or...) there's no one else I should rather be.

Holy Blink of an Eye, Batman!

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