Naughty Can Be Nice

A Night Owl Top Pick  

Cynthia Selwyn brings readers a fanciful and flirtatious fairytale. Kris is one sexy Santa and the chemistry between him and Brenna is instantaneous and their connection immediate. The heroine was such a strong modern woman so easy to relate to and empathize with. Honestly I am not sure which relationship I enjoyed more the one between our leading couple or the interactions and bond between Kris and Gracie. This story intertwined steamy erotic play with sweet and solid love. This was one of those heartwarming stories that truly makes us all believe in miracles during the holiday season while igniting those cold winter nights and truly proves that naughty can indeed be even more than nice. The secondary characters are well-developed and charming while the plot is solid and entertaining. The seamless amalgamation of fantasy and reality had me suspending my disbelief in order to truly consider that when things seem impossible happiness can be right around the corner. I look forward to reading more from this author as I enjoyed the character development and her subtle humor.

Everybody Needs a Little Romance Reviews

I really enjoyed this short story; it drew me in from the beginning.  It was a touching story that had me cheering for the underdog, while still managing to be sexy.  I was pulling for Kris and Brenna but more importantly I wanted Gracie to regain her belief in the magic of Christmas.
Overall I loved Naughty Can be Nice and give it 4 Flaming Hearts.  

The Pagan & The Pen

Cynthia Selwyn weaves a magical tale that had me glued to the pages hoping that Brenna would get her Christmas wish. As hot as the sex scenes are in this book the love shared by Kris and Brenna shines right off of the pages making this a beautiful love story that should not be missed.
Naughty Can Be Nice brings the real reason for the season (love) to the forefront. We often forget that gifts are not the main focus of the season and this story reminds us of just that. 

NAUGHTY CAN BE NICE is a quick, sexy read for the holidays with surprising depth. The passion between Brenna and Kris was hot and explosive, and the lengths to which Kris would go to for this woman was both touching and heart-melting. Love and its power was depicted here, and I don't just mean the love between a man and a woman, but also that of parents for their son, an aunt for her nieces and a little girl for her sister.

Seriously Reviewed 

"... the imagination and creativity of the story was phenomenal and I can totally see this author as one of my “gotta read” authors. This author really pulled out the stops and crafted a really fun, cute and heartwarming Christmas love story."

In the Cards

Shameless Romance Reviews

This short read packs a hot sexual punch! The storyline was solid, the characters were funny, sexy, and hot as hell in bed! Great Read!