About Cynthia

A trapped-at-home mom of three, freelance fiction editor and romance writer, Cynthia Selwyn has been married to the same man for nearly twenty years. If there's anything she knows about relationships, it's that humor can keep the love alive (or at least on life-support).

Cynthia started writing at the age of six and has been writing since then. After many rejections, she finally earned a contract with The Wild Rose Press with Kissing Trick, (written as C.D. Yates) and is now writing exclusively for Breathless Press, where she hopes to earn enough money in royalties to support her coffee habit. Her goal with each book is to bring a smile to her readers' faces and love to their hearts, by writing a sexy story with a touch of magic.

She invites writers and readers to reach her at cynthia@author-wise.com.