They’ve Got Image Problems...

Reggie Snow is the author of the popular YA Paddy Dimple series. Her childhood, best friend, Dr. Patrick "Trick" McCullough is a former playboy, current OBGYN. They've each got some image problems. She's unexpectedly pregnant, not a great thing for a woman who's primary audience consists of impressionable teens. And he's on the nurses' naughty list; always a problem for a randy man who's seen most of the single women in his small town naked without sleeping with any of them. Besides, Trick's starting to realize it might be time to settle down if he wants to increase his patient list to include the pregnant mamas waddling around town.

That can be fixed…

They decide to work together by playing married until Reggie's baby's born. She hopes that her pregnancy won't bag her latest book's sales or encourage young adults to have unwed pregnancies. He hopes a family-man image will destroy his bad-boy bachelor reputation so he can deliver babies and heal more women in his small town of Hadley Falls, Vermont.

As long as they don’t fall in love…or into bed. Easy to say, until she starts kissing Trick.

Santa hears all your wishes and makes them come true. Especially when they're naughty…because naughty can be nice.

Legal guardian Brenna O’Brien didn’t expect to become a single mom, especially of sevenyear- old twins with troubles. What she needs is a good dose of sexual pleasure to swipe all her emotional burdens away.

Kris Kringle, Jr. doesn’t want to fill in for his dad. But when he meets a lovely lady at a Christmas party, he changes his mind; he wouldn’t mind filling her…stocking. One wish is all it takes for the sexy Santa she met to appear in her living room, wearing nothing but his boots, his red velvet hat and a silver bow.

Because at Christmas, all heartfelt wishes can come true.


  She needs to get out of there, fast.

Eighteen years ago, Jack Radigan took Carrie Moore's virginity—then broke her heart by marrying her best friend. Now Carrie's Nana has died, forcing her back to Rhode Island, where she's trying to sell off Nana's estate before she runs into him. But Nana had a dog not even her lawyer knew about, and it appears Carrie's plan is doomed. Because the Irish wolfhound seems to have an agenda all her own, and it involves making Carrie deal with Jack—the town's animal control officer—on a daily basis. The havoc the beast wreaks is costing Carrie a fortune. Hopefully, it won't cost the last whole bits of her heart, too.

Jack married Becky…but he didn't love her.

She was pregnant and he needed to be a father to the child. Now, Becky's gone, and Carrie's back home. So when her dog runs amok in their town of Narragansett, it's his job to get the animal under control. But first, he has to control his desire to kiss Carrie, the woman he was meant to marry many years before.


One desperate writer, one hot cowboy, silk scarves, and sexy scenarios; it's all In the Cards.
Alexandrea Taylor writes historical fiction, not erotica. She can't even think the word…um…p-e-n-i-s. But she wishes she could. When her editor wants her to write a story about a cowboy and a bordello using a pack of sex-aid cards, she fantasizes about buying her dream home. Except she's sure she's too boring in bed to imagine erotic scenarios. She can't even keep her fiancé satisfied—she caught him in their bed with another woman. If it wasn't for her friend Zach, she doubts she'd feel attractive at all.

Zach O'Connor would do anything for his friend, Alex. She's the only woman he's ever met who doesn't treat him like a piece of meat. And now that they're sharing a hotel room at a conference, it's his opportunity to show her what she means to him. When she asks for his help with a sexy role-playing assignment, he knows this is his chance to show Alex she's not only the woman of his fantasies, but the woman of his heart as well.

With some silk scarves, massage oil and imagination, it's all in the cards.