Author Wise Editing Services

Be a wise author...with Author-Wise.

In addition to four years professional editing experience, I'm also published in romantic fiction with fifteen years of solid critiquing experience.

Fees are based on the following:

1) Word count of the original manuscript.
2) The amount of work which needs to be performed (determined after a read-through of the manuscript).
3) The type of editing the writer desires: a full content edit, simple line edits, an edit/critique on a partial, an edit/critique on a synopsis.

As a penny-pinching and starving writer myself, I understand that not everyone has thousands of dollars to throw around just to get their book published. In fact, sometimes a hundred dollars--or less--can seem like a thousand.


Most services can be broken down into a per chapter fee schedule with the exception of any service that requires me to read the full manuscript at once or an hourly based service. Payment is made through PayPal.

Manuscript Evaluation Report: $ 0.50/page (full manuscript only)
Manuscript Proofreading: $0.50/page 
Manuscript Line Editing:  $0.75-1.00/page (depending on the level of editing required)

Simple line edits: Grammar, spelling, word repetition, word choices, proofreading. Fee to be determined after a read-through.

Manuscript Developmental (Content) Editing: $ 1.00 – 1.50/page (depending on the level of editing required)

 A full content edit consists of: two to three edits, focusing on characterization, plot, repetition of word or themes and word choices as well as grammar and readability. Fee will follow a read-through and determination of necessary edits.

Other services:

Edit on a partial:  $1.00 per page + Synopsis fee

A partial is the first three chapters and a synopsis. (Note: a synopsis is usually five pages or less per industry standards.) See synopsis fee below.

Edit/Critique on a Synopsis:  $3.00 per page.

Edit/critique of a query: I'll cast a cynical editor's eye at your query and let you know if it hooks...or sinks. (Fee: $5.00 per query)

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