Tuesday, January 4, 2011

My Whimsy is Weird.

Blogging every day isn't easy. How do people do it?

My friend and fellow author, Jennifer Shirk, does it. But she's got an interesting life and a wonderful sense of humor.

She begins each blog with a fun little newsy tidbit. I'd love to copy her idea, except...well...that would be copying. And besides, she gravitates toward the whimsical; I find myself looking for the odd and the just plain macabre, like the story of Jean Stevens, the Pennsylvania woman who kept her husband and twin sister's embalmed corpses in her home until the state took them away.

That's not whimsical, that's just weird.

What's weirder is that the state is going to return the bodies so that Stevens can place them in a specially constructed crypt in her yard. She's got room for eight in the mausoleum and has plans to dig up her parents and place them in the vault, too. That way she can visit with and talk to all of them, everyday.

She's also making plans for her own remains to spend eternity in the garage-sized crypt.

How do you think the deceased feel about these plans? Do they roll their eyes and say, "Here she comes, again?" and "Oh geez. She just talks and talks and...what the hell do I have to do to get any peace?" And, with all the paranormal groups out there, you'd think that at least one of them would want to do some EVP's around her home. If anyone is going to have ghostly activity, you'd think it would be Mrs. Stevens.

You can see that I've got ideas rolling around in my head and my Muse is taking notes...perhaps Jennifer's got the right idea. I just don't know if anyone has the stomach for mine.

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  1. I couldn't post every day if I wanted, LOL. And I definitely don't have an interesting life! Besides, I post to the crickets over at my little corner of the blog universe. (In other words, practically no readers!)