Thursday, September 3, 2009


Note to self: Skunk odor can be removed with a mixture of white vinegar and water, even on sheets, pillowcases and other household furnishings.

I got my very first royalty check today, money I made because I sold some books. MY book!  

Free coffees, two, three...and a half...friends.  Stephen King, eat your heart out. (Never, never, NEVER thumb your nose at the Money Fairy.) I've got money in my pocket because of something I created.

After I saw my check, did I celebrate? Open the champagne? Book a trip?

No, I went into the bathroom and wiped up two-year-old's piddle from the base of the toilet. (Never, never, NEVER thumb your nose at the Potty-Training Fairy.)

In my world, that means things are in-balance. Or, as Reiki Masters say, "Just for today, I will be aware of my blessings." I am blessed!

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