Saturday, September 5, 2009

Last Saturday of the Summer

Note to self: Blogger looks like "booger". Gross. Oh...don't forget to buy Kleenex, today.

So I'm wondering if it's time to close the pool. It's always a quandary. What if we want to use it?

True, no one's been in it for two weeks, now. But what if it gets really hot?

Has it been really hot this summer?  What about global warming? If the world is warming, why didn't we get to use the pool more this summer?  And--why didn't my corn grow to be more than two inches long?

It wasn't a good summer for much of anything. Pools, garden, the beach, bleh.

The bugs did well, though. The spiders are huge this time of year--in my yard, anyway--they're spinning their webs all over the place. One of them made one in the corner between the back door and the garage wall; it looks like an acrobat's net. The other day it held a grasshopper dangling by a thread. He's gone today; I wonder if he escaped?

In a few weeks, all spiders will be frozen or dead. I'll have to clean away that web. But first...I need to cover the pool.

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