Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Confessions of an Erotica Writer: Vee Michaels

Okay, I admit it. Writing (and reading) erotica is fun.
The question my friends ask is, do you get turned on when you're writing it? The answer is: I better! If not, how can I convey my characters' arousal?
In reality though, writing frequently about a topic, even sex, can lose its zing. It turns into part A interacting with part C, etc. When I find myself going through the motions, I stop writing because I firmly believe whatever the writer is feeling shines through on the page. If I'm faking it, you'll know.
Good writers, like good actors, must be genuine. And if you're taking the time to read my work, I owe it to you to write honestly.
How does one conjure the juicy desire for sex when her days are filled with kids, work, household pets, cooking, and cleaning? Here's my list of rules:
1. Write characters I like who deserve a great bit of fun.
2. Write situations I'd like to do myself. (Take the hubby out and act them out once in a while.)
3. Draw on memories! (Make new notable ones on occasion?)
4. Be creative and interesting. When I get excited over an idea, such as the Sex-O-Matic, I'm compelled to keep on writing. The story takes on a life of its own.
5. Remember my audience. People are giving me their time and money. I respect that, and I want to give them a great product in return. When I think of how I can impact readers, make them smile or laugh or even compel them into a feisty mood, it motivates me.
6. Relax. Writing sex well is a lot like having good sex. I must stop thinking the dog needs a trim, the laundry needs washing, there are unpaid bills, or that the lettuce is going bad in the fridge. Writing requires focus. It's a lot like meditating.
So my confession is, yes, writing erotica is arousing, but that's not the whole story. It's also hard work that requires concentration, time, and being authentic. Not only that, often erotica writers don't get the perks of recognition other writers get. When people ask if I'm published, I get real vague.
When I write a top seller, something I've worked hard on and am proud of, I can't tell my family.
But at the end of the day when my husband, with a gleam in his eye, asks, "Did you write any sex today?"
I just grin and think, this is worth it.

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