Tuesday, October 5, 2010


...there's never too much conflict in a story.

Last night, I figured out what my hero has to do to solve his problem. My problem is--will it be so much of a sacrifice for him? Or is it something he'd be happy to do anyway?

Could the conflict be that the woman he's going to sacrifice for not want him to sacrifice himself? Or that she doesn't believe his sacrifice will make a difference? And how many times can I use the word sacrifice in one post, anyway?

Perhaps the conflict will come from the way he'll have to leave his family--literally--never to return. Can he do that? Will he do that? His entire existence will not only change, it will end. In fact...so might he. Maybe. I'm not sure.

Rats. It's hard to play God.

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  1. BOO!

    Love my some conflict! My new 'un is chocka-block. ;)


    PS - The AW Blogroll has an issue that is causing the blogs using it to flag as unsafe on some browsers. It may be an idea to take it off for now.