Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Who am I today?

I'm starting to feel like Sybil.   She was a character based on a real woman and artist named Shirley Mason. Sybil was made famous through a movie based on a book by the same name.

She had disassociative personality disorder and the thirteen personalities to go with it. 

I don't have thirteen personalities. But I have five. Their names are Cyn, Cyn D., Cynthia, Cynthia B-T and Mommy.

Mommy is the patient one (when she's not being the nutty one, that is). She's the one who cleans the house, pays the bills, cooks the meals, does the laundry, mows the lawn, tends the pool, feeds the pets,helps the big kids with homework and other life issues and chases the two-year-old. Personally, I don't like Mommy. She's overwhelmed and overwrought, and has really bad hair. She needs a shower. She drinks too much coffee and is overweight because she doesn't take care of herself. She really needs a nap.

Cyn is the one who walks to Dunkin Donuts with her friend Sandi, to get coffee for Mommy. She is the one who talks to the DH and usually wants to kill him. She is scornful of Mommy but realizes the necessity of her. She thinks Mommy's weak for needing a nap.You can reach her at cyndatt1@yahoo.com

Cyn D.is the Writer. (She's the one writing this right now.) She usually wishes Mommy would sit down so she could get some writing down; she's afraid that if Mommy sits down, she will take a nap and no writing will get done. Though she wouldn't be averse to reading a book or two. You can reach her at cdyates@ymail.com

Cynthia is the Student. She is working on her Masters in Professional Writing at Chatham University and she is jealous of Cynthia the Writer, who gets to write fiction and spend time in her head with fun stuff instead of nasty non-fiction. She is very serious about her craft, however, and if given the opportunity would spend 24/7 in school. She is an overachiever. You can reach her at cdattilio@chatham.edu

Cynthia B-T is the Editor. She just started working for Lyrical Press and has no idea what she's doing yet. But she will. And then, I'm afraid, she'll take over. You can reach her at cynthia@lyricalpress.com or cbraydnthomas@gmail.com, especially if you have a manuscript you feel would fit the publisher's guidelines. She'll be happy to hear from you.

But first...she (and the rest of her selves) need to decide who they are and what they're going to wear, today. Mommy's thinking something that is okay to get bleach-stained. Cyn wants to wear something with an elastic waistband and Cyn D. is thinking "warm socks". Cynthia just wants to get busy on her assignment, and Cynthia B-T is thinking she needs a power suit.

This could take all day.

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