Monday, February 14, 2011

Cover me

Got my new cover for my April release, In the Cards.

One cowboy. One writer. Silk scarves, sex games, and a bathtub built for two. It's all In the Cards.

Ain't he--I mean, my cover--purty?

Oh...and I suppose you're wondering. Why isn't the romance writer all pumped about Valentine's Day? Well...I can give cards, flowers, candy and "stuff" anytime. "I love you" should be a part of every day of your life. Not just one day a year...And it's more than the pretty pink and red objects we share on this one day. It's a look, it's a smile, a wink. It's doing something for someone else, even when you'd rather be doing something completely different. It's biting your tongue when you want to scream. And it's sharing yourself with someone else. Love is more than giving hearts and flowers. Love is giving of yourself.

Or, to paraphrase what my mother told me about "Children's Day"--Everyday is Valentine's Day!

Go love. ;)